About BSF

Bangladesh is one of a developing country in the world.  The evident reasons is low productivity and a very large population.  Many of the peoples are remain unutilized as it is the main resources.  If Bangladesh is to fully utilize its resources, resourceful manpower and fertile lands – economic development must at a very high rate and sustained.  The problems of such development present a daunting challenge to Bangladeshi policy-makers and donor agencies alike.  Infrastructure, which permits much larger crops in agriculture, higher productivity in manufacturing industries, better education, health and family planning must be created quickly.  The level of growth and investments will depend much on domestic mobilization of human and material resources, technology transfer and external cooperation.  These are areas, where consultancy services are most vital.

With this background in mind, Bangladesh Science Foundation has formed a multi sectoral  business and development concerns like  Research & Development, Manpower development and export, Tours and Travels, Building Construction and Civil Engineering, International Trading and manufacturing, Agribusiness, Professional consultancy, producer, planners, designs, architects, Monitoring & Evaluation, Technical Supervision, and Socioeconomic Studies, or any other related items of work in which the organization may be interested within and outside the country.  The organization is being run with a team of experts in various areas who have pooled their expertise and experience to offer a comprehensive range of technical, managerial and professional services in a wide range of fields, especially in Research & Development, Human Resource Development and Manpower Export, Agribusiness, Education, Health, Family Planning, Information Technology, Engineering and Sustainable Environmental development.

The Bangladesh Science Foundation was established on 1st January 1998  with its corporate office at A. H. Tower, 7th Floor, Plot No. 56, Road No. : 2, Sector: 3, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka – 1230, Bangladesh. The organization has been working in since its inception.

Since its formation, Bangladesh Science Foundation could undertake a substantial number of programs/ projects /services providing services to the government, private, donor agencies and international organizations.

Bangladesh Science Foundation offers a full range of services from project/programs/ services conception to completion including reconnaissance, physical survey, project identification, research, feasibility study, planning, training, selection and management.

As one of the leading business house, Bangladesh Science Foundation is highly diversified in expertise and specialization. Bangladesh Science Foundation provides , in the most professional manner, Customer focus, Integrity, quality, Teamwork, respect to the individual and services for a wide range of businesses and sustainable environmental and social infrastructure programs. Bangladesh Science Foundation maintains a roll of highly experienced professionals specialized in diverse disciplines and can offer the best team for a wide variety of project related to development activities. Besides this, to meet any special requirement of a project, Bangladesh Science Foundation is able to pool the best of experts in the field from home and abroad. Bangladesh Science Foundation has been actively participating in a large number of

projects of Bangladesh Government in the field of agriculture and other allied fields. It has successfully completed projects in different development sectors financed by different national and international agencies. These projects had been or are being carried out either independently or in collaboration with other reputed firms with the desired emphasis on technical soundness and economic viability.

The Bangladesh Science Foundation Group has started operation as a real estate venture known as “Premier Homes Limited” under the aegis of the Group’s first concern – the Premier – Kushum. This project turned out to be a very successful one and had helped foster the growth of trust and confidence of the urban people in “Premier Consultants”. Dhaka’s burgeoning population, coupled with the conspicuously slow growth of housing led to the landmark success of Premier Homes Limited.

Driven by the ramifications of this success, Premier Group geared up to invest in new fields, including manufacturing and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 2000s, covering diverse activities involving production and trading. The group experienced this tremendous growth in a span of fewer than 10 years. During this period, additional schemes on land development and real estate were launched and those projects focused more sharply on increasing responsiveness to client needs. The Group’s first publicly-traded concern, the Premier Consultants, is currently listed one of the leading consulting house in home and abroad.

The Group now has a number of business concerns located in different areas of the country. The multi-faceted international trading house called the Premier Trade lines Limited has added glamour to the growth of the group. The Premier Trade lines Limited is one step ahead in the longstanding effort to strengthen links with the general people through the unique offering of commercial operations in national and international level.

The Group has another very important concern named Bangladesh Science Foundation Tours and Travels. It is a renowned Travel Agency & Tour Operator and was established in the year 2008 with a view to developing the tourism industry in Bangladesh in collaboration with Government. It’s handling with all sorts of International & Domestic ticketing at competitive fares. Also, arrange inbound and outbound bookings etc. provides an expert guide, maintain good liaison & understanding with many such companies at home & abroad. The company has a fleet of sedan, microbus, and Minibus and it has already established its image in the tourism market. This organization is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and duly registered by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and a member organization of Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh (ATAB). Universal Stakeholding Pty Limited and Bangla Mac International Pty Limited are the holding & Trading enterprise of the Bangladesh Science Foundation working in Australia and Singapore.

The organization has come a long way in reaching its goals by complimenting to client needs, learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating and partnering its project implementation process. Through major investment undertakings in all key sectors, Bangladesh Science Foundation has meaningfully contributed to the country’s economic stability in financial and capital markets. Underlying all of the concern’s activities are the common threads of change, flexibility, and fostering closer ties with the Peoples and Government and Bangladesh Science Foundation clients. Most of its projects have been success stories – this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence and a sense of responsibility in the Bangladesh Science Foundation future.