CEO’S Note

I take the opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude for giving your valuable time to go through this brief description of the Bangladesh Science Foundation and our activities.

The era of globalization and information technology, the world has turned into a global village with communication and connectivity –the ultimate key to development and economic emancipation. Moreover, globalization and its all-pervasive impact on states and their economies have made life more competitive, complex and technology-driven. With the economy as the main focus of national development, proximity has turned meaningless and thus globalization has become the key tool for economic sustainability.

Inter-state trade dependence, investment potentials and free flow of information and raw materials have made the world thriving on the edge of competitiveness. I am sure ‘staying competitive’ is the key to survival in today’s world of business where quality rules and standard products and services sneak in shedding physical boundaries.

Moreover, the recent economic changes and its impacts have pitched yet another challenge and exposed the other side of globalization. But despite the global challenges and its impacts on the local economy, Bangladesh Science Foundation has kept on its forward march with a visionary goal, best use of its human resources and meticulous planning.

The diverse range of services with ensured standards, quality services and most effective managerial efficiency have made the organization a market leader in the respective sectors of its operation. Keeping the main focus on service expansion and growth in the most prospective sectors, the BSF is continuously taking up projects to make it the largest conglomerate in the business arena of Bangladesh despite fast-changing science and technology trends.

Relying on the organization and highly professional Research & Development and human resources, the BSF is still making good use of its business potentials and also contributing to the development of the local corporate culture and making a significant contribution to the overall development of the country and its economy.

However, despite intriguing growth and Research & Development program expansion, the organization’s aims and objectives remain the same – to serve people with maximum satisfaction and keep up the strive for the greater welfare of the people and the country.

Still each and every concern of the BSF cares for their clients as their obligation and highest beneficiary satisfaction remain the key to our success.

The Bangladesh Science Foundation as one of the leading Research & Development based consultancy hub in Bangladesh who have helped drive the growth of the construction and its allied industries in the region. We are one of the pioneers in overseas consultants, outsourcing and Human Resource Training.

The Bangladesh Science Foundation is the flagship organization of the Premier consultants Group. Bangladesh Center for Development Research, Center for Agribusiness and Community Development, Premier Trade Lines Limited, Bangla Mac International Pty Limited, Australia, Bangla Mac International Pte Limited, Singapore, Premier Energy Limited, Palm Planters Limited, Multiplex Agro Limited and the Premier consultants Travels & Tours are also a part of this group.

Our highly qualified and experienced Researchers and technicians select screen, recruit, provide vocational training and complete the trade tests; in our state of art vocational training centers; and then shortlist the candidates for the selections. All our candidates not only come fully qualified as per our client’s specifications but also with Fit Certificates from their respective trade as well as all inoculations taken as per clients’ requirements.

Our forte is providing unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled personnel for the construction and manufacturing industries. We have also had great success providing Clerical, executive and Managerial level candidates for our vast clientele. We have a vast database of a multi-national and multi-cultural mix, for positions ranging from Junior Executives to CEW and Chief Engineers.

Our stringent selection process, high standards of personnel and timely recruitment ensure an exceptional level of client satisfaction. But, if for any circumstances, the candidate recruited is not up to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients, we immediately provide replacements at our cost with little or no inconvenience to our clients. We have a long list of satisfied and longstanding Clients, ranging from Research & Development, Constructions of R&D facilities, manufacturing, hospitality and small industries to Consultancies and varied Service providers. please visit our website to learn more.

As a custodian of the Bangladesh Science Foundation and Premier Consultants Group, I hope that the cordial relations with all the valued clients will remain intact as partners of prosperity and we also look forward to developing more successful relations with potential clients in the future. It will certainly help us grow and serve the stakeholders even better in the days ahead. We look forward to working with you and sustaining our professional relationship with our heartfelt commitment to the growth and prosperity of your organization. We wish you all the very best in all your endeavors.

With warm regards,


Dr. M. Asaduzzaman

Executive Director & CEO