Journal of Science Foundation – Vol 9 No 1-2 (2011)

Study on Morphological Characteristics of Different Genotypes of Gladiolus Flower
MD Hossain, KH Talukder, M Asaduzzaman, F Mahmud, N Amin, MA Sayed 1-8
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Incubation Studies on Exchangable Zn for Varying Levels of added Zn Under Aerobic and Anaerobic Conditions in Grey Terrace Soils, Non Calcarious Floodplain Soils and Calcarious Floodplain Soils
KH Talukder, IU Ahmed, MS Islam, MS Islam, M Asaduzzaman, MD Hossain 9-15
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The Yield Response of Wheat to Zinc Fertilization
KH Talukder, IU Ahmed, MS Islam, M Asaduzzaman, MD Hossain 15-25
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Effect of Weeding Regime on the Weed Infestation and Crop Performance of Transplant Aman Rice
SMA Hoque, MD Hossain, KH Talukder, M Asaduzzaman, MA Sayed, MN Hoque 27-41
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A Country Scenarios of Food Security and Governance in Bangladesh
MA Kashem, MAA Faroque 41-50
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Results of the Puti-Platt Operation for Recurrent Anterior Dislocation of the Shoulder
MS Islam, RR Kairy, M Islam, RM Manzur, NF Islam 51-57
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Tuberous Sclerosis – A Case Report
M Ali, Zeba Un-Naher, GM Faruk Hossain, Zahida Zabber, Shafiqul Islam 59-63
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Earthquake and Dhaka City – An Approach to Manage the Impact
MM Rahman, SK Paul, K Biswas 65-75
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Bacterial Infestation in Different Fish at Rajshahi
H Khatun, MD Hossain, SN Jahan, DA Khanom 77-84
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Study of Seminal MDA Level as an Oxidative Stress Marker in Infertile Male
Zeba Un-Nahar, M Ali, SK Biswas, N Kamrun, T Bashar, MI Arslan 85-93
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Land Cover Change Analysis Around the Sundarbans Mangrove Forest of Bangladesh using Remote Sensing and GIS Application
MR Rahman, S Begum 95-107
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Comparison of Serum Total Protein and Serum Albumin after Infusion of Amino Acid of the 15%-30% Burn Patients
N Kamrun, Zeba Un-Naher, M Ali, T Bashar, MI Arslan 109-113
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Status and Decline Causes of Fishing Activities of the Baral River, Natore, Bangladesh
FA Flowra, MA Islam, SN Jahan, MA Samad, MM Alam 115-124
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Environmental Impact Assessment of Fish Diseases on Fish Production
MK Hossain, KT Islam, MD Hossain, MH Rahman 125-131
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Ecology of Cyprinus carpio var. specularis (Physico-Chemical Conditions of the Habitat)
MR Manon, MD Hossain 133-139
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Implementation of Water Safety Plans in Bangladesh: Situation and Need Analysis
MM Rahman, CK Paul 141-161
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Food and Feeding Habit of Cyprinus carpio var. specularis
MR Manon, MD Hossain 163-169
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